Over 4x faster DPDK based forward proxy

Reduce datacentre/hardware cost by 4x

Introducing SlickProxy, a high-performance DPDK-powered proxy that delivers exceptional speed, latency, and fair resource allocation. With a four-fold improvement in performance compared to other proxies, SlickProxy maximizes packet processing through user space data plane acceleration, bypassing Linux kernel limitations effectively utilizing all CPU cores of the system.

SlickProxy ensures fair share of throughput across users, preventing monopolization and optimizing overall performance. Its unique dashboard provides in-depth insights into data usage trends, user experience metrics, and system health, empowering informed decision-making and network optimization.

Experience unparalleled speed, efficiency, and fairness with SlickProxy’s DPDK-based solution. Unlock optimized network performance and deliver outstanding user experiences.

Forward proxy

  • DPDK based forward proxy
  • Over 4x faster compared to squid.
  • Full vertical scale support
  • Fairshare of throughput among users 
  • Comprehensive Dashboard for network and system insights 

VPN Server

  • DPDK based VPN Server
  • Over 2x faster compared to openVPN
  • Full vertical scale support
  •  Fairshare of throughput among users
  • Comprehensive Dashboard for network and system insights
System Dashboard
Users configuration and Management
Per User Dashboard